Kalos Portfolio Strategies


Kalos Portfolio Strategies

Kalos Management offers a diverse roster of investment strategies that can be used to provide exposure to equity and fixed income asset classes. Managed by Daniel Wildermuth, CIO, the Kalos Portfolios use a disciplined research process to select the underlying securities for each of its strategies.


With a broad selection that covers a range of market caps, spans global economies and offers competitive fees and account minimums, the Kalos Portfolios can provide a diverse line-up of investment solutions.



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This is why financial professionals and their clients trust and respect the solutions offered by Kalos Management.

Today's informed investors possess much greater financial literacy than previous generations. With this level of sophistication, they appreciate portfolio options and individually managed accounts that offer them potentially greater degrees of flexibility, intelligent diversification, tax efficiency, and control over their invested assets.

Today's progressive investor determined the structure of our custom money management solutions. Our solutions provide various means to integrate investor goals and desires while leveraging investment opportunities across styles, sectors, vehicles, and global markets. Investors may want to look beyond do-it-yourself or traditional mutual fund solutions in pursuit of flexibility, performance or wealth protection.

The intelligent options we provide and the customization we offer distinguishes us from the norm, and allows financial advisors to deliver appropriate, effective solutions to the mature professional or retiree.


Investment advisory services offered through Kalos Management, Inc., an SEC registered investment adviser.