About Us


The Name, "Kalos":

Much thought and consideration went into choosing a name for the company. Like naming a child, naming a company is very personal and important. For us, the name had to reflect our purpose and serve as a daily reminder of our enduring values and focus. After much deliberation, we chose the name "Kalos."
By definition, Kalos denotes that which is intrinsically "Fair, Right, Honorable, and of Such Conduct as Deserves Esteem." Kalos also means "Honest, Regarded with Honor, Honorable and Bringing Honor" and "to Maintain Good Works."
The name describes our values and purpose. At Kalos, we always strive to treat and represent our clients, employees and associates in a manner worthy of the company's name.

Founded by Financial Professionals:

Daniel Wildermuth and Carol Wildermuth, co-founders of Kalos Financial, opened their doors to advisors in 2004. Daniel and Carol have decades of experience in the financial services industry, including experience advising clients. This provides them with a unique understanding and perspective because they have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to manage a successful practice.

An Innovative Force within the Financial Services Industry:

Since its inception, Kalos has focused on providing sophisticated solutions with practices and products most commonly utilized by Ivy League endowments. Kalos’ CEO Daniel Wildermuth, is credited with developing the Endowment Investment Model for individual investors. Once considered “out of reach” for investors with less than $5 million in investable assets, Daniel’s Endowment Investment Model taps into alternative asset classes to offer measurable added value to investor portfolios. This strategy helps to control risk and position portfolios for growth; which can help generate greater income potential throughout retirement.

Industry-Leading Product Due Diligence:

Strong product due diligence is required in order for Kalos to offer innovative, complex or alternative investment programs. Our Due Diligence Department is one of the best in the industry – thorough, thoughtful and adept at avoiding investment programs that fail. Our due diligence team has more than 50 combined years of experience and its members are actively involved in leading industry organizations; including holding Board positions. In addition, we work with attorneys and third-party due diligence firms that have expertise with alternative investments to help us identify strengths and potential weaknesses so we feel confident in the alternative programs we offer.

How We Support Your Advisor:

Kalos is proud to work with an elite group of advisors. Advisors that join Kalos offer their clients a higher level of service, require access to diverse program offerings and expect state-of-the-art technology. Our job is to ensure they have access to all of that and more. The programs available on the Kalos platform are diverse and, because we are an independent firm, there are no proprietary products to sell or investment quotas for our advisors to meet. They are free to choose the investments that meet the unique needs and investing goals of each client.