A New and Intelligent Approach to Investing

Today’s high net-worth investors possess a much greater financial literacy than previous generations. With this level of sophistication, investors seek products and strategies that can potentially offer greater degrees of flexibility, intelligent diversification, tax efficiency and more control over their invested assets – and that’s what investors find when working with Kalos advisors. Our firm was founded on the principles reflected in the meaning of our name – that which is intrinsically fair, right and honorable. Our commitment to serve your advisor with integrity and provide products and strategies to meet the needs of our advisors’ clients, is our focus each and every day.


Advocates for Your Best Interests

Kalos Management and its advisors have a fiduciary responsibility to act in your best interest – period.  We are committed to providing a diverse array of solutions and program offerings in order to effectively meet the unique needs of each client.



Since its inception, Kalos has focused on providing sophisticated solutions using practices and investment programs more commonly utilized by institutions and endowments. Financial professionals using more advanced portfolio strategies can help their clients more effectively control risk while also positioning for growth; resulting in opportunities for greater income potential throughout retirement.


Comprehensive Offerings

At Kalos, we recognize that every investor's needs are unique and can benefit from access to diverse services and investment program offerings. Our advisors have expertise and experience in planning and implementing various brokerage, advisory and insurance offerings that can provide effective solutions for your financial goals.


Benefit from Independence

Because we are independent, we have the flexibility to offer a wide array of investment offerings so your advisor can recommend options that address your needs. As a result of our independence, we do not have quotas for our advisors to meet or limit them to recommending only proprietary products – they are free to choose investment programs and make recommendations that are in your best interest.


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